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  • Industrial rolling ladder


    Industrial rolling ladders are a very common application in modern warehouses. The whole is made of high-quality Q235 steel, and the surface is powder-coated for long-term rust prevention;The whole is welded with high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy;The surface of the ladder has a non-slip texture, which makes it safer for the staff to go up and down during work.

    Equipped with 2 steering castors and 2 fixed wheels, which can be moved flexibly;

    Fully automatic locking design, when people stand on the ladder, they will brake at the same time.

    A single person can operate, simple to use, convenient to operate, suitable for supermarkets,warehouses, and other places;

    Easy to maneuver with rear-wheel steering and lockable wheels.

    4,5,6,7, steps to the top platform


    Items Size(mm) Step Nos Platform H(mm) Platform size(mm) Loading capacity(kgs) Weight(kgs)

    Items Size(mm)  Step Nos Platform H(mm) Platform size(mm) Loading capacity(kgs) Weight(kgs)
    ACL-4S 1060*600*1900


    1250 400*600 100kgs 65
    ACL-5S 1150*600*2150


    1500 500*600 100kgs 75
    ACL-6S 1400*600*2400


    1750 500*600 100kgs 95
    ACL-7S 1550*700*2650


    2000 500*700 100kgs 110

    The industrial rolling ladder is designed and manufactured to provide quick and safe access to shelving, racking systems, and storage areas.

    Built to take heavy daily use.

    Increase productivity with quick access.

    Non-slip steel steps.

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