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» How to Protect and Extend the Service Life of Steel Pallets

Steel pallets and steel pallets are all iron products. Although their surfaces have been treated, the external environment will still corrode the surface in the process of application. So, how should we maintain the steel tray? How to prolong its service life has become a key issue in the use of steel pallets. 1. Avoid bumping. Collision and collision of pallets will affect the appearance of steel pallets, and even cause its deformation, resulting in high and low instability and unstable goods. So in the course of transportation, we must pay attention to minimizing the collision. 2. Keep away from acid and alkali. Acid and alkali are easy to corrode steel pallets. Therefore, if the steel tray is accidentally stained with acid and alkali, it should be immediately washed with clean water, and then wiped with dry cotton cloth to avoid causing more corrosion. 3. Keep away from the sun. The orientation of the steel tray is best to avoid the direct sunshine outside the window. Steel pallets are exposed to long-term sunshine, which can discolor the paint color; the paint layer cracks and falls off, and the metal oxidizes and metamorphoses. 4. Remove rust. If the steel tray is rusty, don’t polish it with sandpaper at will. If the rust is small and shallow, you can apply cotton yarn dipping machine oil on the rust. After a while, you can wipe with cloth to eliminate the rust. If the rust is serious, professional technicians should be invited to repair, to prevent improper operation leading to the whole steel pallet can not continue to use. 5. When using forklift truck, the operator must be careful and pay attention to minimizing the collision of pallets and reducing the damage to pallets.