• 03172020
  • How to make mezzanine racking and plaforms have more storage


    Mezzanine floor design storage rack is a kind of shelf access management system that reasonably uses the storage access space according to the height of the warehouse. According to the storage capacity of the goods stored and stored in the attic and the overall load-bearing of the shelves, the mezzanine storage rack shelves are distinguished. General loft type shelves can be divided into heavy-duty loft type shelves and medium-sized warehouse rack mezzanine racks. The two kinds of shelves are similar in infrastructure, but the difference in load-bearing is very large. Medium sized mezzanine storage rack: the shelf infrastructure adopts medium-sized shelf column. The customized floor of heavy shelf and customized mezzanine rack adopts the special floor of warehouse mezzanine rack, and the floor adopts the interlocking structure.
    It is made of high-quality strip steel by opening, automatic rolling, punching and cutting according to the height specified by customers. Column bracket and connecting beam are made of high-quality cold plate by bending and punching. Then why do we need to customize the platform of the heavy duty structural mezzanine floors, and why it is more and more popular with many enterprises? Let’s introduce its advantages.
    First, it can increase the storage rate of warehouse by more than three times;
    Secondly, it can improve the plane utilization rate by more than 90%;
    Third, it can improve the space utilization rate by more than 90%;
    Fourth, it can save half of the labor cost effectively;
    Fifth, it can be disassembled, recombined and reused;
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    Post time: 03-17-2020