• 05092022
  • How to judge whether the shelf storage rack is likely to collapse?


    Most enterprise warehouses need to use shelf storage racks to store goods, and in order to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse, many enterprises customize high-level warehouse racks. When using warehouse racks, safety is very important. So how to judge whether the shelf storage rack is likely to collapse?

    Although it is not common for a rack to collapse, it does happen. How to judge and evaluate whether the warehouse racks are likely to collapse, in fact, this is not difficult. The first is to look at the load-bearing. If the load-bearing capacity cannot meet the storage requirements, and the overweight goods are stored on the rack for a long time, there is a possibility of deformation or collapse in the long run. Therefore, warehouse racking companies do not recommend storing overweight goods, and it is recommended that the load-bearing be customized as much as possible.

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    There is also a high-level warehouse rack. If the height of the rack is more than six or seven meters or even more than 10 meters, the warehouse rack company recommends that you need to pay attention to the load-bearing and the stability of the entire shelf storage rack system. This point needs to be evaluated when the storage rack scheme is planned and designed to ensure that the stability meets the standard before production and installation. Therefore, if the material used for the high-level rack is thin, and the stability and load-bearing are poor, there is a possibility of collapse.

    Post time: 05-09-2022