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» How to judge whether a racks is in good quality?

An experienced enterprise will not just focusing on one supplier when they purchasing the racking system, they will contact many different supplier as alternative candidates, for they can make the best decision upon numerous choices. It’s not only the matter of price, but also the quality and service one supplier can provide. These features make one become the best candidate. For general speaking, most of the customers lack of the knowledge for racks. Whats more, racks and shelves are not consumables, people don’t need to replace it frequently, so it’s hard to accumulate experience.

The production of racking system.
Many of racks get scratched and rusty after years usage, there many reasons might cause this happen:

1. The bad quality of steel row material. The structure of a racking system is enduring massive weight for a long time, some small rolling mill are not capable to produce heavy duty material and their products’ mechanical property of materials are unstable which make them easy to get corrosion. This kind of steel is dangerous for racking system. Only by controlling the cooling temperature can make Fe-C crystal on the steel surface tightly combined together and ensure the stability of steel row material.

2. The finished of racks. The procedure of the powder coating includes following steps: rust remove; oil remove; phosphating; washing; drying; electrodusting; hot melting; solidify,etc. Each of these procedure needs to be strictly controlled in time, concentration of phosphating, water temperature, drying temperature.

3. The developed producing concepts. If the outdated production equipment is an objective problem, then subjectively, reduce the cost by violating the normal procedure and shorten the necessary process is the problem needs to be changed.
The installation of the racking system.

Clients can inspect the racking system according to the term of the EU Standard FEM 9.831 and FEM 9.832. Clients should inspect the racks before installation, in order to define the responsibly when there’s anything wrong with racks. After installation, it’d be better to examine the works to see if they have been tighten and putted into the right position. Make a accuracy test if necessary.

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