• 12162020
  • How to judge the quality of shelf storage rack


    The application of storage shelves can effectively solve the storage problems of enterprises, and the premise is to select suitable and high-quality shelf and storage rack, so as to improve the storage space utilization rate and storage operation efficiency. How to judge the quality of shelf storage rack?
    Shelf material and thickness:
    Shelf storage rack has high requirements for the overall bearing capacity, and the material and thickness of the shelf are important indicators to ensure the quality and bearing capacity. If the steel mainly produced by several domestic steel mills can have good quality, the selection of high-quality steel and higher thickness specification can guarantee the bearing capacity of the shelf, which should be considered according to the storage demand of the shelf.
    Shelf surface treatment:
    Shelf storage rack in the long-term use process is prone to corrosion, which is easy to affect the quality of the shelf, so it is necessary to spray the surface of the shelf. Qualified surface spraying treatment should be uniform, strong adhesion, if easy to fall off, it is easy to produce embroidery. Whether the surface spraying is uniform depends on whether there is leakage at the inner edge of the frame column hole. In addition, it is necessary to observe the quality after spraying, and whether there are blisters, orange peel and other phenomena.
    Shelf welding quality:
    The welding of the shelf storage rack will directly affect the quality of the overall structure, so the welding part of the shelf also needs to be paid attention to. The best identification method is to observe whether the weld is uniform and full, and the fish scale is the best to see whether there are problems such as missing welding and false welding defects.
    Shelf installation quality:
    In order to ensure the safety of the shelf, the installation of the shelf storage rack should be operated by the corresponding professional personnel. The final installation quality must meet the standards and requirements. The main identification method is measurement, and the diagonal error must meet the standard.


    Post time: 12-16-2020