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» How to improve the utilization of warehouse space for pallet racking?

Is your warehouse relatively high, and there are half of the space is not being used? Is your warehouse layout unreasonably because of the presence of pillars, causing the warehouse to vacate a lot of small space but you cannot use it? Is your warehouse unorganized and it is not clear for you to know how many materials is used in the warehouse? How many is left? If you have troubles in such area, then the Aceally pallet racking will solve problems for you.


Firstly, the pallet rack can be as high as 10-meters or so, and the full height of the warehouse can be achieved. This type of racks can fully utilize the space of the warehouse and reduce the storage cost.

Secondly, many warehouses are on the first floor, and the second floor is a production workshop or an office. Obviously, the first floor is not only a warehouse but also a support. Therefore, there will be many pillars in the warehouse. When the goods are placed in the warehouse, they will bring a lot of trouble, which makes the planning of the warehouse is much more important.

To design the most reasonable pallet racking solution, Aceally’s sales engineers are often designing pallet racks based on customer warehouse factors, such as warehouse height, size, cargo size, the way of transportation into and out of the warehouse, and the flatness of the warehouse ground and the pillar area of the warehouse. If you want to get a reasonable solution for your warehouse, the above data needs to be provided.