• 08192019
  • How to distinguish the warehouse pallet racking systems?


    How to distinguish the quality of warehouse pallet racking systems is a very important part of an industry. The industrial storage units of an industry directly affect the efficiency of the industry. How can an enterprise or factory distinguish the quality of a shelf warehouse?First of all, the material of shelves: the material of Chinese shelves is generally better with SS400 steel from Baosteel original plant and Shanggang No. 1 plant.Secondly, the structure of the shelf: the pillar of the shelf depends on whether the bending of the cross section is uniform, the more uniform and symmetrical the structure is, the better. The crossbeams of the rack should depend on the hook structure of the crossbeams and the form of the crossbeams hanging to the pillars: the more the hooks are, the better the force is; the hooks of the crossbeams hanging to the pillars should depend on whether the contact between the hooks and the pillars is closely consistent, and the inner side of the hooks should be close to the side of the pillars without clearance, so that the structure can be stable and stressed. It’s durable.Finally, the surface treatment of the shelf: the shelf surface spraying treatment should be uniform and have strong adhesion, the surface spraying of the shelf depends on whether the inside edge of the shelf pillar hole is missing or not. When inspecting, it can be used to tap hard objects or fall off easily, which indicates that the shelf is easy to rust.Aceally is a pallet racking supplier in China.If you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Post time: 08-19-2019