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» How to distinguish the quality of wire container storage cage

In the current environment, the majority of enterprises and end-users in logistics, warehouse cage has been used in all major warehouse storage and application. However, although the production process and technology of the storage cage are similar, the shape of the cage is basically the same, only the galvanized part of the outside storage cage, some regions and other geographical conditions or manufacturers are different. Then let’s introduce how to distinguish the quality of wire container storage cage.
Because the storage cage has uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage items, easy to count, all-steel structure is strong and durable, forklift truck and hydraulic truck can be towed, can stack about 4 stories, save space, and is widely used in logistics transfer.
Storage cages have been used by more and more enterprises, but their advantages and disadvantages directly affect the safety of goods storage and transportation.
1. The whole storage cage is basically high wire channel steel. The material quality of high wire determines the overall use strength of the storage cage. Generally speaking, it needs manufacturers to provide high wire material reports. The material quality of high wire in large steel plants is generally better than that of small steel plants. The load of storage cage is largely on channel steel, so the thickness of channel steel is decided. Whether the carrying capacity of the storage cage is up to the standard.
2. Material quality standards can not be said that the cage is qualified. The welding of mesh and cage base must be soldered firmly. The joint of mesh and each wire should be soldered. There should be no phenomenon of welding off or leak. The cage base must be fully welded so as to ensure strength.
3. Finally, the appearance of galvanizing is a problem. The thickness of galvanizing on the surface of storage cage is not less than 8um, the surface is bright, no spots, and there are no scratches on the surface of storage cage.