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  • How to design racking system in medium warehouse?


    With the development of the world economy, all kinds of economies are growing rapidly. Especially in the logistics and warehousing industry, this kind of industry also develops with great efforts. Therefore, in this economic condition, the enterprise warehouse should consider which type of shelf it uses, which will become a problem that many enterprises need to think about. At the same time, when considering what kind of shelf to choose, we also need to consider how to choose what kind of racking supplier. For most enterprises, as long as it is not a very large warehouse, we generally only need to consider the small and medium duty longspan shelving. It does not need to consider using a large shelf, which not only wastes the cost, but also wastes the space utilization rate. What we have to do is to minimize the cost and maximize the profit of the enterprise. Let’s introduce how to design the storage shelf of medium-sized warehouse and what are the characteristics of the steel storage rack f of medium-sized warehouse? There are many kinds of storage shelves in the medium-sized warehouse, which are suitable for the storage of small and medium-sized products, and convenient for the storage of various types of warehouse products. The shelves of heavy warehouses are suitable for the storage of heavy products. Generally, the shelves of heavy warehouses are used with forklift trucks, also known as the shelves of card type warehouses. There are also the shelves of attic warehouses, which are the shelves with the highest storage rate. By dividing the original space of the warehouse into two warehouse storage spaces, the storage rate of the warehouse can be improved. There are also the shelves of drive in warehouses Shelves have strict requirements on product types and models. They are suitable for warehouses with single product models. In addition, the principle of “first in first out” is applied to the shelves of drive in warehouses. Therefore, this kind of products are generally selected to plan the warehouses. The product turnover cycle of the warehouses needs to be long, which is suitable for long-term picking up. There are many kinds of factory warehouse shelves, such as fluently warehouse shelves and cantilever type Warehouse shelves, mold warehouse shelves and so on, each kind of shelf has its products suitable for storage. The improvement of warehouse storage rate lies in how to plan the warehouse for the storage shelves of medium-sized warehouse, and how to plan the warehouse for the storage shelves of medium-sized warehouse, which is the key to improve the storage rate of warehouse. Although the storage rate of some products is high, the use of unsuitable warehouse storage rate has not been improved, and the cost is the same For the higher warehouse, when the general warehouse purchases the storage shelves of the medium warehouse, it is necessary to plan the storage shelves of the medium warehouse and select the suitable products If you don’t know anything about these introductions, please feel free to consult us. We will contact you at the first time.



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