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» How to Design Heavy duty storage racking system

With the vigorous development of economy, the rise of shelf industry is an inevitable trend. Heavy duty rack are one of the shelves. Heavy duty rack are suitable not only for multi-variety and small-batch goods, but also for small-variety and large-batch goods. The specific planning and design plan depends on the specific needs of enterprises.Main features of heavy duty storage rack :1. Heavy duty storage rack can realize fast access to pallets, with strong carrying capacity and complete specifications and models. They are suitable for various warehouse and make full use of space. They are the most commonly used shelves in various industries.2. The crossbeams and pillars of the cargo shelf adopt plug-in combination to optimize the design of section, adjustable storey height and convenient loading and unloading.3. Equipped with safety pins, partitions, foot guards and other accessories to ensure safety and reliability.4. After different deformation and combination, it can adapt to the storage of various materials.  
The basic elements of the design of heavy storage shelves and storage areas are as follows:1. The weight of the goods (including pallets or containers).2. Dimensions of pallets and cargo (long L x wide W x high H).3. The lifting height of forklift truck and the net available height of warehouse.4. Select forklift truck model or parameters.5. Forklift direction when loading and unloading goods.6. Plane size of storage area.7. Direction and requirement of goods entering and leaving warehouse.Aceally (International)Group CO,.LTD specializes in providing warehouse rack, automated three-dimensional warehouse and other warehousing systems. It is a Chinese enterprise focusing on the development and application of logistics warehousing technology, ranking the top five in the same industry. We operate in good faith and are committed to using advanced logistics concepts in Europe and the United States to solve the problems of customer goods handling and warehouse