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  • How to design heavy duty steel shelves


    1. Storage mode of goods
    The beam type shelf is used to store pallet goods. As Jiang Rui, we need to know some pallet related data, such as pallet size, pallet fork direction, pallet plus goods height.
    2. Weight of goods
    Jiangrui needs to know the weight of the goods, that is, the load of each layer of the beam type shelf. When designing the shelf, it will design according to the load required by the customer, and select the appropriate materials, which not only ensures the safety and stability of the shelf, but also saves the cost of the customer and does not waste money.
    3. Lift height of forklift
    The crossbeam type shelf usually uses forklift to access goods, so when jiangrui designs, we need to know the lifting height of our existing warehouse forklift, so as to reasonably design the shelf height and avoid the situation that forklift cannot pick up goods.
    4. Company’s requirements for safety and protection
    The general company will choose the common beam shelf type in the form of beam + column piece, but some warehouses with high requirements for safety and protection may need to add some auxiliary accessories, so the purchaser also needs to put forward such requirements to jiangrui, so that the beam shelf can be designed at one time.
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    Post time: 08-07-2020