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  • How many do you know about the cantilever racks


    Cantilever rack is mainly used to store long strip goods such as pipes and aluminum profiles. The cantilever can be single arm or double arm, and the goods are stored on the cantilever fixed on the column, which is mostly used in machinery manufacturing industry and building materials industry.
    Most storage cantilever shelves belong to customized shelves, and cantilever shelves are no exception. In the storage shelf industry, customization is required, that is, the production is only after the customer orders. If the demand is small, the customization cost will be higher. Generally speaking, at least 5 sets of custom-made, the price will have some advantages. Some customers can consider using other types of warehouse shelf storage because they can’t use so much.
    For example, shelf type shelves, although less used for the storage of long strip goods, but it is not impossible, or access to goods will be more troublesome. However, the small number does not affect. It is a way to save the purchasing cost to use several shelf shelves to form a specification that can store long strip goods instead of cantilever shelf.


    Post time: 11-11-2020