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» How Logistic Warehouse Center Survive from the Earthquake?

Some of the logistic warehouse center can be damaged after the earthquake, while some of them would still working. Nowadays, it becomes a hot topic that how to reduce the lost in the earthquake by the means of optimizing the defects.

According to the report, people are focusing on the aseismic solution from the prospect of civil construction design, warehouse design and also the high rise warehouse equipment design. However, the displacement of the low rise equipment like pallet, forklift, conveyor system, etc, has not much effect to the logistic center.

From the prospect of the civil construction design.

The aseismic ability of it directly related to the whole center’s. All the equipment can not survive once the building collapsed, that makes the civil construction design become the most important factor of the whole aseismic design.

There’s no a standard aseismic design for logistic building today, all the logistic buildings were built by the rules of <Building aseismic design norm>. China have divided the buildings into four types according to the ability of aseismic design: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Traditionally, mono-layer warehouse are classified as Delta. However, due to the rapid development of logistic industry these years, there are many high rise warehouse has erected in China, which the height are many times higher than traditional warehouse. This kind of warehouse can not be classified as Delta anymore and can not be built according to the standard of Delta apparently.

The aseismic construction is realized by the means of the following method: To make sure that the building can reach the corresponding shock resistance; design and construct strictly accordance to the standard, strictly forbidden to change the inner design of the building.

From the prospect of the stereoscopic warehouse design. 

The logistic industry develop rapidly these years, there are many advance stereoscopic warehouse have erected around the China. The stereoscopic warehouse is different with the traditional warehouse, not only the height is several times higher, but also the logistic equipment are much more precisely. Thereby the secondary disaster will be more severer.

Due to the data collection is far more harder than for civil building, the equipment aseismic research only limited in the important field like nuclear industry and electric industry. There’s a blank in logistic industry.

Nowadays, there’s no a standard norm or requirement for stereoscopic warehouse and the logistic equipment within. It’s mainly rely on the efforts of system distributor, which will focus on the foundation design. Normally, for foundation design, people will embed channel steel into the ground, which means connect the each embedded upright bolt with a channel steel and then weld the each channel steel together, makes the ground and racks and building becomes a whole unit. The shock ability will be enhanced dramatically.

Expect for the static pressure of foundation, the other pressure may occur during the earthquake should also be considered. What’s more, it should also be considered that the software system may also been damaged after earthquake. The damaged of the software will cut off the communicate signal and the important information like cargo data might be lost, that will also reduce the efficient of the whole warehouse. Therefore, it would be better to prepare the for the accident like earthquake in advance and to make sure other equipment will work as usual when some of them is down.

From the prospect of the high rise warehouse equipment design.

Except from the two points above, the high rise warehouse equipment like rack itself and stacker is also an extremely important point in the aseismic design. This kind of ability is determined by the quality of racking system itself and the connection strength between the racks and stacker.

The shock resistance of racking system determined by its stiffness and flexibility. The strength of row steel material and the thickness of the rack can effect the stiffness, flexibility however, effected by the design of the racks. It’s hard to say if a racking system’s flexibility whether meet the requirement because there’s no unified standards either calculation way, every manufacturer have their own analyse method. In other words, the calculation result can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. In this situation, it’s necessary to supervise the calculation. The party A can ask for a specific instruction and the party B should also illustrate how they make this calculation.

As for high rise stacker, the distortion or even the breakage of its pathway needs to be pay more attention. Last but not lease, to organize and use a stereoscopic warehouse, the maintenance manual needs to be strictly follow and schedule maintenance routine. Cargo should placed from the bottom racks in order to avoid the overweight in higher rack.