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  • How high can a custom gravity rack be designed?


    The important role of storage racks in the warehouse is to store goods. How to accommodate more goods in a limited space is a problem that many companies urgently need to solve. The height of the storage rack can be designed to be high, which directly affects the amount of storage. So how high can the custom gravity racks be designed?

    gravity rack

    Gravity racks are also called roller racks, which are composed of uprights, beams, roller systems, and separation systems. They need to be customized and are not in stock. It can ensure the principle of first-in, first-out, and the pallet with goods will slide down quickly along the drum under the action of gravity, and then separate at the end, which is very beneficial to the picking of goods. That is to say, rack warehouses, where goods require a lot of picking, will use gravity storage racks.

    The height of the gravity rack is generally designed to be less than 6 meters. Because there is a slope, a forklift also needs to be loaded and unloaded. Therefore, for safety reasons, it should not be designed too high. Gravity racks are widely used in logistics distribution, freight, chemical, electronics, and other industries with large quantities of goods.

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    Post time: 05-20-2022