• 03172023
  • Highlighting the warehouse racking safety


    First of all, the material is the most important of all warehouse rack parameters. Because the material of the warehouse rack determines its performance of the warehouse rack, such as weight capacity and service life. The most important material in the warehouse rack and shelving is steel, including cold-rolled steel, angle steel, and plate steel. Secondly, attention should be paid to warehouse rack specifications, because this is the link where racking manufacturers are most likely to cut corners. The warehouse rack factory will basically not reduce the height or the length of the rack, but it will tamper with the thickness of the rack laminate and the diameter of the column which is not easy to be noticed.

    Therefore, when selecting and checking the warehouse racks, it is necessary to measure the specifications of the laminates, columns, beams, etc before painting. To truly fully guarantee the quality of warehouse racks, the key lies in the four aspects of rack design, materials, manufacturing, and construction. For warehouse racking companies, only by strictly controlling the quality of rack design, materials, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service can the safety and practicability of customer storage systems be ensured.


    The lack of standards affects the development of the industry.

    As we all know, in the industry know that on May 5, 2004, the warehouse racks of No. 30 cold storage in Chenzhai, a northern suburb of Zhengzhou, suddenly collapsed and killed 15 people. It was a very typical safety accident caused by the quality of the racks. To prevent such accidents, it is necessary to effectively improve the safety awareness of shelf manufacturers and users and improve the quality.

    Since the production and installation of warehouse racking require certain professional knowledge, it is the key to standardizing the behavior of racking enterprises. And this is inseparable from the formulation and implementation of relevant standards. However, it is worth noting that for a long time, there has been a lack of uniform standards in the production and use of shelves in our country, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. It is manifested in the following aspects: the entry threshold of the industry is low, and the warehouse racking manufacturers are mixed; some enterprises focus on manufacturing and neglect design, and pursue short-term benefits; there is a lack of effective market supervision mechanism, and some enterprises compete at low prices and disorderly, which disrupts the normal development of the industry.

    Aceally Group is always focused on safety and quality, no material from material, design, and delivery are strictly complied with AS4084-2012, using qualified steel raw material and a strict quality control system but also packaging for shipment. Aceally is a reliable supplier you can count on.

    Post time: 03-17-2023