• 08162021
  • Heavy duty mezzanine floor


    The mezzanine floor is a storage rack access management system that makes rational use of the warehouse access space according to the height of the warehouse, and the storage capacity of the same space is 3 times. According to the storage capacity of goods stored in the mezzanine floor and the overall load-bearing of the rack, the mezzanine floor is distinguished. In general, it can be divided into heavy duty storage racks and medium-sized storage shelves. The two kinds of shelf storage racks are similar in basic structure, but there are still great differences in load-bearing. Medium-sized mezzanine floor: the storage rack infrastructure adopts medium-sized storage rack columns. The customized floor of the heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform adopts the special floor for a mezzanine floor, and the floor adopts the interlocking structure.

    aceshelving20210820Heavy duty mezzanine floor

    It is made of high-quality strip steel, which is flattened, rolled by the automatic rolling mill, punched by punch, and then cut according to the height specified by customers. The column bracket and connecting beam are made of high-quality cold plate bending and punching. Then why do you want to customize the heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform and why it is more and more popular with many enterprises? Let’s see what its benefits are.

    Benefits of heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform Customization:

    1. Increase the warehouse storage rate by more than 3 times;

    2. Improve the plane utilization rate by more than 90%;

    3. Improve the space utilization rate by more than 90%;

    4. Effectively save half of the labor cost;

    5. Effectively improve 1 / 3 of the work efficiency;

    6. It can be disassembled, reconstituted, and reused;

    7. Diversity of use modes (applicable to workshops, offices, warehouses, and stores); 8. Lofts of various shapes can be designed according to the warehouse terrain;

    9. Save site labor cost;

    10. High one-time investment and long-term rent saving.

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