• 10132020
  • Heavy duty cold storage racks


    The storage racks of cold storage refers to the shelf used to store goods in the cold storage. The stored goods are goods that need to be frozen and kept fresh. The cold storage is usually divided into low temperature cold storage, normal temperature cold storage, or constant temperature warehouse and constant temperature warehouse. And for different types of cold storage, the use of cold storage shelves also need different treatment. As we all know, most of the things stored in the cold storage need to be frozen and fresh-keeping, which may be food products. The cleanliness requirements for our cold storage shelves are higher, which requires more and higher requirements for the materials used in the cold storage shelves, spray painting, etc. Generally speaking, when we refer to the shelf of cold storage, in fact, it doesn’t refer to the specific type of shelf, but because it is used in the cold storage, it is collectively referred to as the cold storage shelf. While in the cold storage, we will use a variety of shelves, such as through shelf, shuttle rack, etc. in the large cold storage, we will make full use of the height of the warehouse And so on the shelf form uses the high-rise shelf, and this is what we call stereoscopic shelf formally.
    Generally speaking, the cold storage shelf does not refer to the specific shelf. If you need to design the cold storage warehouse or consult the cold storage shelf project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact you within 24 hours to design a perfect scheme for you.


    Post time: 10-13-2020