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  • Goods falling from warehouse shelf storage racks?


    It is one of the most popular ways of rack management in large warehouses and can be widely used in finished goods rack warehouses. What is the relationship between warehouse shelf storage racks and warehouse floor load-bearing? This is a very basic problem.


    1. Overall bearing capacity of the warehouse floor. The overall bearing capacity of the warehouse shall be considered for the relationship between the warehouse rack and the warehouse floor. The ground of the warehouse is an integral structure with reinforcement mesh connection and the stress is integral. The total weight of goods in the warehouse divided by the warehouse area should be considered. As long as the bearing capacity per unit area is less than the bearing capacity per unit area of civil engineering, the bearing needs can be met. In this way, the height space of the warehouse can be fully considered and utilized.

    2. Whether the warehouse shelf storage racks are damaged to the warehouse floor after installation. Because the warehouse shelf storage rack is used to store goods and has a large bearing capacity, the owner is very concerned about whether the warehouse shelf storage rack will cause damage and ground settlement after installation.

    Through the analysis of the load-bearing relationship between the warehouse shelf storage rack and the warehouse floor, we know that as an enterprise, we want to make full use of the limited warehouse area and make full use of its space as much as possible. In fact, according to the bearing capacity of the warehouse floor, we can not only consider the factor of making full use of space but also limit the design of warehouse shelf storage racks from the basic elements of safety. On this basis, we can do other designs of warehouse shelf storage racks.

    Post time: 08-03-2021