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  • Features and applicability of intelligent warehouse storage racking system


    With the continuous rise of land and labor costs, how to reduce costs and improve efficiency has become a problem that every warehouse person needs to think about. The intelligent storage racking system has attracted more and more attention due to its characteristics of reducing operating costs, expanding storage capacity, improving delivery accuracy, and shortening supply chain cycles. So, what are the characteristics and applicability of an intelligent warehouse storage racking system?

    warehouse storage racking system

    (1) Automatic warehouse pallet rack

    Automatic warehouse pallet racks use pallets as storage units, and mainly use stackers to shuttle back and forth between the lanes of the three-dimensional warehouse, store the goods at the entrance of the lanes into the cargo compartment, or take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport them to the entrance of the lane.

    Features: It can realize intensive storage and make full use of space. The height usually reaches about 22 meters. At the same time, it can achieve high-speed in-out and out of the warehouse. The capacity can reach 45-50 pallets/hour. It is a widely used storage method.

    Applicable: Intensive storage, high-volume, fast-in, and fast-out items.

    (2) Automated rotating warehouse

    Automatic revolving storage is controlled by an electronic computer to realize automatic access and automatic management. The rotation speed of the storage rack is very fast, and the speed can reach 30m/min. When accessing the goods, input the number of the compartment where the goods are located through the control panel button, and the compartment will automatically rotate to the picking point at the nearest distance and stop.

    Features: The picking route is short, the picking efficiency is high, and the high-speed inbound and outbound function is used. A set of inbound and outbound platforms may reach 400 boxes/hour. The reclaiming port is highly ergonomic and suitable for operators to work for a long time.

    Since the rotary rack can be applied to various space configurations, and the access and exit are fixed, the space utilization rate is high.

    Applicable: Rotary racks are easy to operate and quick to access, suitable for the storage and management of small batches of small items such as electronic components and precision machinery in the manufacturing industry.

    (3) Three-dimensional warehouse radio shuttle rack

    The three-dimensional warehouse radio shuttle rack takes the pallet as the storage unit mainly uses the shuttle to stack straight in the warehouse rack track, and uses the forklift or AGV (automatic guided vehicle) to connect in front of the warehouse.

    Features: It is an intensive storage method, which maximizes the use of space and is especially suitable for storage in low-temperature environments.

    Applicable: Products with few varieties, large batches, and centralized storage.

    (4) Automatic box-type warehouse

    The automatic box-type warehouse uses the bin as the storage unit. It mainly uses the stacker to shuttle back and forth between the lanes of the three-dimensional warehouse, storing the goods at the entrance of the lane into the cargo compartment, or taking out the goods in the cargo compartment and transporting them to the lane entrance.

    Features: To achieve intensive storage and fast-in and fast-out, a roadway can usually achieve a compound operation capacity of nearly 200 boxes/hour. It can correspond to the storage of multiple varieties, and realize the functions of first-in, first-out, and emergency first-out.

    Applicable: Intensive storage, goods with relatively low delivery frequency.

    Post time: 08-04-2022