• 05252021
  • Economical and Durable Angle Steel Shelving


    Among all shelf categories, the light shelf, named for its lighter load-bearing capacity (less than 200kg per layer), is the most economical and practical one. Light-duty racks are mainly composed be used with plastic turnover boxes to store a variety of small products. The anti-static function can be achieved by changing the spray powder or laying special rubber sheets. It has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly, and can be used alone or freely spliced into various arrangements. It is even possible to add universal wheels at the foot to achieve the transfer function.

    Angle slotted steel shelves belong to this category of light shelves. Generally speaking, we are more accustomed to calling angle steel shelves as universal angle steel shelves, but why we call it “universal” for the following reasons: First of all, flexibility and randomness. The angle steel shelf can be applied to any space of specifications, whether it is a room or a warehouse, or even a corner, it can be placed on the angle steel shelf. The second is price. Angle steel shelf is the most cost-effective one of the light shelves. Its price is lower than other light shelves. It is the best choice for customers with low budgets. Finally, there is convenience. The angle steel shelf is very convenient to install. It only needs to be fixed with special screws. Not only can the layer height be adjusted freely, but also beautiful and durable. The top and bottom layers of the angle steel rack are connected with the uprights with double angle codes and screws to make the rack more stable.

    Regarding angle steel shelves, Aceally racking provides customized size, color and load-bearing services. At the same time, we also have three different board to choose: MDF Board, Laminated Board, and Steel Board. As long as you put forward your requirement, we can meet them. If you want to be professional, look for Aceally company!


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