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» Do you know the mezzanine floor racking system?

With the development of economy, the shelf industry has been irreplaceable to some extent Industry. It is widely used in various industries. Especially the mezzanine pallet racking, the mezzanine steel storage rack in the current application is relatively popular. So, what do you know about the mezzanine racking? Let’s introduce some knowledge about the mezzanine racking and plaforms. Now the attic shelves used in the enterprise warehouse are basically combined, including the beam loft and cantilever loft. What are their uses and advantages? The beam type mezzanine floor is mainly designed according to different placement requirements and product specifications of customers. It is mainly divided into light and medium goods and heavy goods. Generally, heavy goods are not easy to handle. Therefore, when we design the loft, we design the bottom as the beam type shelf, sharing the columns with the loft. The light and medium-sized goods can be transported to the attic through manual or lifting steel platform, forming a dual-purpose innovative design. It should be noted that: the crossbeam shelf should be used with the forklift at ordinary times, and the bottom column is the support column of the whole shelf, so we need to be more careful when operating the forklift or other transportation equipment (the staff who operate the forklift must have a license, and it is better to have many years of forklift experience), to avoid the damage to the shelf caused by collision, to reduce the later maintenance cost, and to protect the staff’s personal Safety. 1. Fully assembled structure, easy and flexible to assemble, install and disassemble. 2. The material section of column, main beam and auxiliary beam is optimized with strong bearing capacity. 3. The surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, with beautiful appearance. 4. It can be flexibly designed into two or more floors according to the actual site needs.