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  • Do long-span shelves need to be fixed to the ground?


    Long-span shelves are commonly used shelf storage racks for small and medium-sized goods storage, and manual access to goods is mainly used. Because the stored goods are relatively light, many customers do not know whether they need to be fixed to the ground. Do the long-span shelves need to be fixed to the ground?

    Generally speaking, single-layer long-span shelving with a load-bearing capacity of less than 500KG and a height of fewer than 2 meters can not be fixed on the ground, because the load-bearing capacity is relatively small, the height is also low, and it is stable enough if it is not fixed on the ground. However, if the load-bearing is large, the warehouse shelf company will suggest that it is safer to use it on the ground, especially when the height is high.

    long-span shelves

    Therefore, whether the long-span shelves of the warehouse shelf company need to be fixed on the ground depends on the situation, there is no absolute need or no need. Long-span shelves are also called laminate shelves, which can be customized in stock. The laminates can be covered with wood laminates, iron laminates, or galvanized laminates, which are suitable for medium and light-duty cargo storage.

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    Post time: 05-11-2022