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  • Diy boltless rivet shelving to color your life


    In our daily life, it must have some staffs in the household need to be organized. Therefore DIY boltless rivet shelving is a good choice for those things and it can improve your room space and make it very clean and neat.

    Today we will teach you how to assemble or instruct boltless shelving with an MDF board.


    Here we go. Rack components

    MDF boards, uprights, long shelf, short shelf, support metal angle brackets, upright connectors, plastic feet

    What you need to build up your shelving with a rubber hammer screwdriver for expanding wall plugs, flat head screwdriver to attach supports under shelves, drill bit, screws min, 5 mm*45 mm, expanding wall plugs,(suitable type for the wall material), protective gloves.

    One adult person is able to assemble this boltless rivet shelving in 15 minutes. Can’t you believe it? It is true. We firstly get posts, long and short shelf support beams, decking for each level supports. then lay two posts parallel to each other to the flooring, connect the posts with 2 short beams at the top and bottom levels, make sure the lip should be faced inward, slide the connector into the holes on the post gently. Join the other set of posts with 2 short beams attaching the long beam to another post. Remaining beams to the top and bottom levels, joint the lips upward, add beams to create additional shelves, place the decking on the shelves, and there you go. One bay or one-column shelving is set up quickly.Last we put on the plastic feet on the top and bottom of each post, which will protect the flooring from scratching. If you need more bays, just repeat the previous steps for the add-on bays. After listening to my explanation, don’t you think it’s very simple? Do you want to install a set yourself?

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    Post time: 11-22-2021