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  • Development prospects of supermarket shelving


    With the improvement of people’s living standards, the supermarket industry is extremely popular. It has basically replaced the commissary and has become the main place for people to shop. The development of supermarkets have also led to the development of supermarket shelves. Now the shelves of major supermarkets in China, including convenience stores, are completely imitated from abroad.

    Hierarchical display, combined disassembly and assembly structure, easy to install, easy to move and use. Although these are the advantages of supermarket shelves, in order to further develop the market of supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves must find a way to design more beautiful, more convenient, cheaper and better display supermarket shelves.

    Strengthen the stability of supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves are very convenient to install, but the stability of the shelves is a problem. Usually, a row of linked supermarket shelves is very stable, and the stability of a single one is relatively poor. Kung fu, designed a more sturdy storage shelf.

    supermarket shelving

    The display effect should be diversified. At present, most of the supermarket shelves are displayed in a hierarchical structure, and they are combined with semi-circular heads. This is the most fancy display method of supermarket shelves. Now the products on the market are varied and varied, requiring different styles, novel display effects, and decently decorated display shelves. Supermarket shelves can learn from the various shapes and styles of boutique shelves to design more new styles. Only the new styles of supermarket shelves can meet the new market needs. Therefore, the supermarket shelf factory strengthens the diversity display effect of supermarket shelves.

    Precautions for the use of supermarket shelves:

    1. In the use of supermarket shelves, cleaning is the basic. Only supermarket shelves that look neat and clean can attract consumers. While ensuring cleanliness, supermarket shelf users should also regularly check supermarket shelves to ensure normal use of supermarket shelves.

    2. Under normal circumstances, the average human vision is from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, the visible width is 1.5m to 2m, the viewing angle when walking and shopping in the store is 60 degrees, and the visible range is 1m. Therefore, merchants should combine the visual habits of consumers and ensure the product display surface when using supermarket shelves to increase the probability of purchase.

    3. The general supermarket shelf has a total of 5 layers. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th shelves from top to bottom are the shelves with the largest sales. Especially, the third layer is basically parallel to the consumer’s line of sight. Also the biggest seller.

    Reasonable use and care of supermarket shelves can not only prolong the life of supermarket shelves, but also bring more benefits and make the space more reasonable.

    Post time: 01-18-2023