• 06282020
  • Correct use plan of steel structure platform


    The steel structure platform used in warehouse shelves is also called working platform. Modern steel structure platform has many forms and functions. The most important feature of the structure is the overall assembly structure, which is flexible in design and can be designed and manufactured according to different site conditions to meet the site requirements. The steel structure platform with functional requirements and meeting the logistics requirements shall be directly supported on the independent column of the high-power or heavy equipment platform, and the design of removing the workshop column. The goods can be transported to the platform by forklift, lifting platform or freight elevator. Compared with the reinforced concrete platform, the construction speed is fast, the cost is moderate, and the disassembly and assembly is simple. Suitable for mechanical manufacturing and warehouse storage. The structure of general steel structure is composed of plates, main and secondary beams, columns and columns, as well as ladders and railings. According to the use requirements, the platform can be divided into indoor space, production platform under static and dynamic loads, platform support, and medium-sized and heavy-duty operation platforms. In different ways, the network structure can be divided into: a simple operation platform directly placed on the tripod or bracket platform pillars, and the function is usually a safe channel or medium. A platform on which one side is supported on a workshop column or on the wall of a building and the other side is supported on an independent column. A platform supported on a large installation. All independent platforms. For the platform with large power load or heavy equipment, it is suitable to unload the design from the column and support directly on the independent column.steel-structure-platform



    Post time: 06-28-2020