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» Characteristics and uses of warehouse shelves

The storage rack of the warehouse bears a large weight, and the maximum load of each layer of the storage rack can be up to 4500kg. It is the most widely used pallet type cargo storage system, with strong versatility. Its structure is that the shelves are divided into several rows along the width direction of the warehouse, and a lane is left between them for the passage of stacking crane, forklift or other handling machinery. Each row of shelves is divided into several columns along the longitudinal direction of the warehouse and several layers in the vertical direction, thus forming a large number of storage spaces for pallets to store goods. Features: each pallet can be stored or moved independently. Warehouse steel shelves make the loading and unloading process of goods easier and faster. It can adapt to various types of goods, adjust the beam height according to the requirements of goods size, and make the best use of the upper space of the warehouse. The supporting facilities are the simplest, the lowest cost, and the installation and removal are extremely convenient. The warehouse shelf is made of high-quality steel plate, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, which is anticorrosive / rustproof / solid and beautiful. Its various specifications and load-bearing design can meet the use requirements of factories, warehouses, assembly lines and storage supermarkets. When you need a shelf with a load of 100-150kg per layer, this kind of shelf is an ideal choice and can also be used as a platform, so the light shelf is suitable for factory storage of light bulk goods and storage supermarket. Plug in assembly, easy to install and disassemble, widely used. The steel laminate can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily to meet various requirements.