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» Characteristics and advantages of VNA pallet racking system

VNA pallet racking system is one of the warehouse storage shelves. Generally, it refers to the racking system when the conventional crossbeam rack system selects the forklift as the three-way forklift. Because the cart handling channel of the shelf system is narrower than that of other racking systems, it is named narrow aisle pallet racking system. Compared with the conventional pallet rack system, the narrow aisle rack system has a much smaller roadway width, a 20% increase in space application rate and a 13.4m shelf height. The three-way forklift can be divided into two types: the common three-way forklift and the magnetic line three-way forklift. The three-way forklift can also be equipped with a manual picking platform to complete the task Picking operation. The operation speed of the three-way forklift is slower than that of the ordinary forklift. It can only move forward or backward in the passage, with a large turning radius. A large space must be reserved at the front of the passage. The main part of the narrow aisle rack system is the beam type shelf system. A “three-way stacking forklift” moving guide rail is installed in the air at the bottom of the shelf. The guide rail is usually made of unequal angle steel, and the three-way stacking forklift slides along the established guide rail. The width of the stacking channel of the narrow aisle racking is slightly larger than the width of the pallet goods, so the high-density storage needs can be completed. At the same time, it inherits all the advantages of the crossbeam rack system. All the materials in the rack system are optional enough. The forklift can store any pallet of goods at any time. The high storage efficiency and the high storage density of the narrow lane shelf system, the consumption efficiency and the cost-effectiveness will be significantly improved for the logistics center which adopts the narrow lane shelf system properly. Advantages of vna racking system: 1. The speed of goods circulation is higher than that of ordinary shelves. The forklift can work at a height of up to 13m, and the electric control stacking crane can even work at a higher height. 2. Special forklift or crane is required, and other supporting transportation machinery is also required, and the function of storage pallet is not only needed to set up storage and transfer station shelf, but also the function of supporting and strengthening transportation equipment; 3. The requirements for structural strength and tolerance fit are very strict. It is necessary to comprehensively consider and accurately design the device. During the operation, semi-automatic auxiliary control is used to ensure the accurate positioning of pallets on the high-rise cargo space. Application of VNA racking: If the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics, it can consider the selection of narrow aisle racking system: 1. The quantity of goods stored is large, the goods are in and out frequently, and there is a high request for goods picking; 2. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or request a certain amount of storage capacity; 3. High level of logistics efficiency request; 4. The warehouse system with high net height and above 8m can be used. 5. The warehouse is small but the storage volume requires a large shelf system structure 6. Warehouse design with limited capital budget.