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  • Causes of deformation of shelving storage rack


    Heavy duty warehouse storage rack is an essential storage equipment in the warehouse, with simple structure, convenient disassembly and installation, and is widely used. However, it is not uncommon for the shelf storage rack to bend and deform in the process of use. What is the cause?
    1. The uneven weight distribution will cause the deformation of the shelf storage rack. When the goods are placed on both sides of the shelf, the weight of the goods will be concentrated in the middle of the shelf.
    2. When the goods are placed beyond the shelf shelf load, that is, when the shelf is purchased, the warehouse shelf manufacturer will select the corresponding layer material according to the cargo layer load. However, if the weight of the goods on the shelf exceeds the weight selected at that time, the shelf will be deformed.
    3. Due to the improper selection of materials, customers will inevitably encounter some bad shelf manufacturers when purchasing the shelves. They will cut corners and make up for the number, thus causing the shelf to deform.
    4. Improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, when using handling equipment such as forklift to operate goods, due to the driver’s problem, the forklift will hit the shelf storage rack, resulting in the shelf deformation.
    Aceally shelf manufacturers remind us that once the shelf is bent and deformed, users should contact the shelf manufacturer in time. If the shelf quality problem occurs, they should know how to protect their rights and claim compensation. If the shelf bending deformation is caused by their own improper use, they should let the shelf manufacturer timely check the bending and deformation parts of the shelf to ensure safe use.


    Post time: 12-02-2020