• 12292020
  • Application of steel wire container


    With the rapid development of modern industry, the function of storage cage is more and more extensive: storage cage can not only be used in factory workshop, but also can be used in supermarket as display, promotion and storage. The improved storage cage can be placed on the shelf, assembly line, and stacking: the warehouse storage cage with wheels can be easily and quickly rotated in the workshop, and can be equipped with traction machinery in front of the cage, so that the cages can be connected together like a small train shuttling freely between the warehouse buildings: the storage cage with PVC plate or iron plate can prevent small pieces from missing; the storage cage with increased mesh distance can be used for storage cage It can put cartons or light goods, avoid damage to cartons and products with pallets, and increase the stability and integrity of products in the process of transportation and storage.
    Characteristics of wire mesh containers
    1. It is made of high quality steel by cold rolling, hardening and welding, with high strength and large loading capacity.
    2. Uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage of goods, easy inventory.
    3. The surface is plated with white zinc, beautiful, oxidation resistant and long service life.
    4. Adopting international standards, it can be used with containers to effectively improve the space utilization rate.
    5. It can stack four layers of each other to realize three-dimensional storage.
    6. Surface environmental protection treatment, sanitation and immunity, turnover, storage and recycling do not pollute the environment.
    7. It can work efficiently with forklift, elevator, crane and other equipment.
    8. Structure, low recovery cost, it is the substitute product of wooden packing box.
    9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom, so the internal turnover of the factory is extremely convenient.


    Post time: 12-29-2020