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  • Advantages of using medium duty shelves


    There are many types of medium duty warehouse shelves and their structures are quite different. The common storage shelves with simple structure include shelf type shelf, pallet type shelf, etc., which can be placed separately. If more than one set of pendulum is needed, it is usually in the form of combination of main and auxiliary frames.
    The main shelf is a set of shelves that can be placed separately. As for the auxiliary frame, there is one less frame than the main frame, so it can not be placed separately, but can be used only when it is connected with the main frame. For example, a row of 10 shelf type shelves, as long as a main shelf can, the other 9 all use the sub rack and the main frame to connect together. If all 10 frames in a row use the main frame, there will be 9 more frames than the combination of main frame and auxiliary frame, and the cost will be higher. Therefore, in order to let the customer save the purchase cost, the medium quantity shelf type shelf company will generally recommend the customer to use the main and sub rack combination placement.
    In addition, the combination of the main and auxiliary shelves can also increase the stability of the entire shelf system. And the higher the height of the storage rack, the more stable the structure of the main and auxiliary frames connected together. It’s just like a lot of individual individuals, together, will be more powerful. Based on the above two advantages, medium shelf shelf companies will recommend customers to use the combination of main and secondary shelves.
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    Post time: 10-21-2020