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  • Advantages of radio shuttle racks


    With the development of the modern economy and technology, people’s needs are gradually increasing, and to meet the continued needs of consumers, warehousing and logistics links are also gradually strengthening. As semi-automatic and multi-functional storage equipment, different industries increasingly demand and welcome radio shuttle racks. So with so many different types of racks, why are shuttle racks becoming increasingly popular? What are the reasons for choosing shuttle racks? 


    Operation efficiency

    Choosing to use radio shuttle racks can greatly improve operating efficiency, and using a pallet shuttle system can make the storage area more flexible. At the same time, different types of goods can also be stored in different areas to enhance management. When used in conjunction with a forklift to access goods, the shuttle rack forklift does not need to enter the interior of the shelf to access goods, and one worker can operate multiple shuttles at the same time, greatly reducing the waiting time for operations and greatly improving work efficiency. It is convenient and fast and also increases the storage density.

    Volume rate

    It should be known that in a warehouse of the same area, the volume ratio of ordinary racks is 34%, while the volume ratio of shuttle racks is as high as 75%.

    The radio shuttle rack tracks are designed side by side and can be made into many rows, and can achieve more depth of cargo spaces. Compared with other racks, there are fewer forklift channels, and the space utilization rate is naturally high.

    Access method

    Shuttle racks have more access methods than ordinary racks, and radio shuttle racks can achieve two access methods, namely first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out, so they have more advantages than ordinary pallet racks.

    Cargo storage loss

    You must know that bulk goods in traditional warehouses are prone to losses. For example, to store more goods, stacking three or four layers is often used, but this may cause damage to the goods on the bottom layer.

    Post time: 11-22-2023