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» Advantages of nine foot plastic storage pallets

There are many kinds of plastic pallets. Why nine legged plastic pallets are so popular now? What are the advantages of it? Some people don’t quite understand it.
The analysis of the advantages of the nine foot plastic storage pallets mainly depends on its own weight and structure; from the aspect of structure, it can use a manual hydraulic truck and can be forked on all four sides; because there are beams at the bottom of the Sichuan and Tian shaped plastic pallet, the Sichuan shaped plastic pallet can only be forked from the side by a mechanical forklift, and the manual forklift can’t be forked from the side because of wheels, especially the Tian shaped plastic pallet can’t be forked on all four sides The manual hydraulic truck is used for operation; the Tian shaped, Chuan shaped and double-sided plastic pallets are mainly designed according to the shelves, so when you buy plastic pallets, you should first consider what type of forklift you are using, otherwise, if you buy unsuitable plastic pallets, the replacement cost will be large.
From the aspect of weight, the weight of the nine foot plastic pallet is relatively lighter than that of the Tian, Chuan, double-sided and double-sided ones. Because the bottom is nine feet, the material used at the bottom of the pallet is largely saved. We all know that the price of the plastic pallet mainly depends on how much material is used, and the heavier the pallet, the higher its cost. So it is popular with buyers because of its light weight and low price.
There are also nine foot plastic pallets that can be stacked in sets, which can save a lot of space when not in use. But no matter how good the product is, there are advantages and disadvantages. Because of its relatively good structure and light weight, its quality is general and its load capacity is relatively small. When buying pallets, we must choose our own suitable plastic pallets according to the use environment of our factory and what products we put.