• 04292021
  • Advantages of FIFO tray streaming media system


    With the development of economy, FIFO shelving system has become one of the most popular items in logistics and storage. But few people understand how to use FIFO shelf system, and few people can really understand it. Let’s introduce the advantages of FIFO shelf system.
    Automatically execute FIFO inventory control.
    Minimize storage and processing costs.
    Maximize warehouse capacity/cubic storage space.
    It can work in a temperature range of minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The standard flow rail is made of 4 inches 1 inch galvanized steel, and the flow wheels are installed in a single or double staggered structure.
    Cast aluminum runners can be used for impact protection.
    The centrifugal speed controller uses steel gears to maximize mechanical performance and service life.
    Mirror two-layer brake tires that do not require springs or mechanical adjustments are compressed and adopted the floor shape (consistent with the shape of the warped or cracked floor) to maximize the tray joint.
    There are many types of industrial racking systems, from single pallet storage racks to in/out to pallet flow racks. In fact, warehouse design and optimization of warehouse rack design and design are very complicated. Storage racking systems with appropriate space and product combinations can increase the efficiency of the entire warehouse operation, while other industrial racking options can slow down the picking and storage process, leading to damage or scrap.
    Combining different types of warehouse pallet racking, such as FIFO pallet racking system, traditional industrial racking system, and automatic storage and retrieval system integrated with warehouse execution system, can provide the best utilization efficiency and available space. As a result, you will reduce inventory management costs, including damage, scrap and book costs.
    If you want to know more about FIFO pallet racking system or any type of warehouse storage rack, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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