• 09272021
  • Adjustable carton flow rack


    In the past, most of the warehouse steel storage racks were welded. After production, they could not be adjusted according to their own needs and preferences. This design has great limitations, so it is now on the verge of elimination. Let’s take a look at the advantages of adjustable carton flow racks.

    The warehouse storage racks with welded structures have many limitations. In order to meet the needs of customers, the current warehouse storage racks are basically spliced structures, the floor height can be adjusted freely, and the frame can be combined and disassembled. Whether it is used or moved, it is much more convenient than the welded structure. The carton flow rack is also a warehouse shelf steel storage rack with a splicing structure. Because it can freely adjust the advantages of high floor, it can meet the storage of more goods with different specifications.

    Carton flow rack

    Carton flow rack is also called first in first out rack. Roller aluminum alloy and other flow bars are used to realize the first in first out of goods by using the self-weight of goods. In addition to storing goods, it plays a very effective role in picking goods. It can be combined with an electronic label and bar code system to realize easy management of goods. It is an efficient, rapid, and accurate storage racking system. It is widely used in distribution centers, assembly workshops, rack warehouses with high delivery frequency, small goods transportation, and picking operations. For example, warehouses that ship goods on e-commerce platforms use carton flow racks in large quantities.

    Post time: 09-27-2021