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  • Aceally steel wire mesh container


    The wire mesh storage cage has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, easy inventory checking and so on, and also improves the effective utilization rate of storage space. In addition, the metal cage is strong and durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage enterprise labor consumption and packaging costs. This product can be used not only in factory workshops, but also in supermarkets for display promotion and storage, and can be used outdoors. The improved storage cage can be put on shelves, on assembly lines. The storage cage with wheels can be easily and quickly turned around in the workshop, and the storage cage with PVC or iron plate can prevent small pieces from missing.
    With the rapid development of modern industry, the functions of storage cage are more and more extensive. The improved storage cage can be placed in the warehouse, the assembly line, or piled up; Wheeled storage cage can be convenient and quick turnaround in the workshop, but also on the cage with traction, in front of the attached drawing machine, make the connecting link between the cage like a small train free shuttle in between warehouse, workshop. The wire mesh metal cages can increase the product in the stability and integrity in the process of transportation and storage.
    Aceally wire mesh container has been manufacturing the wire mesh containers for over 18 years, the products have been sold to more than 20 countries all over the world, mainly South- east Asia countries, Middle East countries, and Australian countries. Welcome inquiry!

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