• 03102021
  • Aceally pallet racking systems


    Pallet racking systems are used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and organize pallets or large containers. They have vertical columns attached to horizontal beams to create multi-level storage spaces. These pallet racks have a teardrop design and can be assembled without special tools or bolts. The beam slides into the hole on the column, and the hole has a tapered bottom to prevent the beam from loosening when moving items into or out of the shelf. The entry unit can be used alone as a pallet rack for a single unit, or it can be used with additional units to create a larger multi-unit pallet rack system. The additional unit is connected to the starter unit to increase the width of the pallet racking system, so it cannot be used as an independent pallet racking alone.
    These heavy-duty racks and wire pallet racks have steel wire decks that are installed on their beams and distribute the weight of the items placed on the racks on the beams. If scattered items fall from open or separate pallets or unpalletized items stored on shelves, the pavement can also prevent the scattered items from falling off the shelves. Air can circulate through the deck to provide ventilation for the items stored on it. If the sprinkler system is activated, water can pass through the deck, which helps the facility maintain compliance with local fire codes. These pallet racks have open coiled cylinders on their vertical columns. Aceally racks and wire mesh units are compatible with Husky racks and wire mesh add-on units, and if they are used with starter units or add-on units from other manufacturers, their shelf capacity may change.


    Post time: 03-10-2021