• 06242021
  • Aceally Mobile Racks


    As the name suggests, the mobile rack can be moved, greatly improving the space utilization. A set of racks requires only one aisle, and fixed pallet racks only serve two rows of racks on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, in the same space, its storage capacity and efficiency are much higher than ordinary shelves. The following Aceally  heavy duty mobile shelves will take you to further understand their classification, advantages and disadvantages!
    The transmission rack system mechanism of the open mobile rack is set in the rack base, and the actual operation panel is located on the top of the rack. The appearance design is simple and generous, and the actual operation is convenient and quick. Once an obstacle is encountered, the rack will stop immediately.
    Airtight mobile shelves: When there is no storage of goods, after moving the shelves together, all closed shelves can be completely locked and stop working. There is an eraser seal at the joint of each shelf, so it is also called a closed shelf.
    Advantages of mobile shelves:
    1. The storage capacity is much larger than ordinary shelves, saving space.
    2. Suitable for small samples, large batches and low frequency storage racks. The total land area is saved, and the road utilization rate reaches 80%.
    3. Goods can be imported directly without being restricted by the first-in first-out method.
    4. The total storage area can be increased to about 2 times of the pallet rack, the structure is simple, and the actual operation is simple

    Post time: 06-24-2021