• 03052021
  • Aceally medium duty longspan shelving


    The products of each industry have common characteristics, and the warehouse shelves used for storage are also similar. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the commonly used warehouse storage shelves are shelf shelves. Because the goods are light and small, manual storage and retrieval of goods is the main, so the common medicine warehouse is the medium shelf.
    Medium shelf shelf is also known as laminate shelf, because it is mainly manual storage and retrieval, so the design is generally 3-6 layers, the height is less than 3 meters. Of course, the forklift can also be used to access the goods, so that the height can be designed to be higher, but the forklift needs to use pallets to access goods. It can also use storage equipment such as climbing ladder to access goods. No matter what kind of storage and retrieval of goods, the goods in the storage of drugs can basically meet the needs of different customers.
    According to the load capacity of each layer, medium shelf shelf can be divided into light shelf, medium shelf and heavy shelf. Single layer bearing capacity less than 500kg are available in stock. If it is not a standard specification, the bearing capacity is less than 500kg, or the bearing capacity is more than 500kg, it needs to be customized. Floor height can be adjusted freely. In addition to being widely used in pharmaceutical industry, it is also widely used in daily necessities, clothing, auto parts, electronic devices, hardware and other industries.


    Post time: 03-05-2021