• 09282023
  • 5 tips for placing goods in a rack warehouse


    As one of the most important places for enterprises, warehouses store a large and miscellaneous amount of goods, whether it is heavy duty racks, light duty shelves, or other types of warehouse racks. If the classification is not well done and the placement is not standardized and in order, it is easy to cause confusion when entering and exiting goods. There may also be difficulties in finding goods. Here are five tips for placing goods in warehouses.


    1. Classify well.

    Warehouse rack management personnel need to classify goods according to their attributes, such as finished and semi-finished products, commonly used and non-commonly used products, raw material classification, etc., to facilitate and quickly locate the location of goods.

    2. Follow the principle of prioritizing from top to bottom, from large to small.

    When stacking goods, they should comply with the outer packaging requirements of the goods. Products with pressure resistance and large packaging are placed below, while fragile products are placed above.

    3. Arrange according to item relevance

    Considering the advantages of item-related storage, arranging items according to their relevance, reducing the extraction distance, and reducing staff fatigue; Simplify inventory work.

    4. Arrange according to the characteristics of the goods

    For food or perishable goods, the principle of first delivery upon expiration should be considered at this time; For example, in the case of storage and distribution of imported container goods, there are often cases where the first purchased goods have a later expiration date, while the later purchased goods have a shorter expiration date, approaching the expiration date. So, at this point, the expired goods should be shipped out first with a shelf life of 2-3 months remaining, and goods with a shelf life of 2-3 months should be considered for return to the original supplier or discount processing to avoid customer complaints caused by expired returns or quality deterioration in the future, which will affect the entire operation.

    5. Arrange according to the shape and characteristics of the goods

    When arranging the rack warehouse, it is necessary to consider both the unit size of the items and the overall shape of the batch caused by the same batch of items, in order to provide appropriate space to meet a specific need. So when storing items, there must be variations in size and location to accommodate all items of different sizes and volumes.

    Have you learned these five tips to improve work efficiency and save costs by placing goods properly in the warehouse?

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