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  • 2023 Aceally Group Annual Conference Concludes with Success in Xiamen Hilton Hotel


    The 2023 Aceally Group’s Annual Conference came to a triumphant close at the Hilton Hotel in Xiamen. Nearly 300 employees and their families from nine major departments, including International Sales, Domestic Sales, Technology, Production, and Logistics, participated in the event.


    The overall success of the conference was evident through the joyful atmosphere, unique employee performances, and well-organized activities. The conference successfully achieved its intended purpose by providing employees from various departments with opportunities to enhance understanding, learn from each other, and strengthen the cohesion of the company. The inclusion of special awards during the event expressed gratitude to employees, motivated them, and fostered a joyful and positive corporate culture.

    The smooth execution of the annual conference was made possible by the substantial support from company leadership in terms of funding and organizational arrangements, as well as the active cooperation of various brother departments.

    Additionally, the self-directed employee performances added vibrancy to the event. Noteworthy highlights from the conference include the distinctive award presentation by CEO, Victor Wang and the exciting moment when General Manager Zhang distributed red envelopes to department managers, creating a climax at the conference. Everyone anticipated the next award recipient, fostering a sense of excitement and gratitude among the participants.

    In conclusion, the conference’s dinner, ending amidst laughter and joy, further solidified the sense of unity among the participants. The event highlighted that our connection extends beyond being colleagues; we are more like a family.


    Post time: 02-01-2024