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» What should be paid attention to plastic pallets?

With the development of the modern logistics industry, rack warehouse is favored by more and more enterprises, which not only reduces the storage area but also makes the management of goods more convenient. As an important tool for carrying and transporting goods, plastic pallets also need to meet the needs of rack use. So, what should be paid attention to when the plastic pallet is used for the rack?

The first important point is the selection of plastic-type. Because the plastic pallet has less focus on the beam pallet rack, the plastic pallet used on the rack must have built-in steel pipes. Otherwise, the plastic pallet may break and cause safety accidents.

Secondly, the pallet made of blow molding is a hollow structure, it can not be a built-in steel pipe, so it can not be used on the rack. Generally, the pallet type with “Chuanzi, Tianzi” and double-sided plastic is made of injection can be built-in steel pipe, and the “Chuanzi” plastic pallet is the most widely used. There are four steel pipes on the surface and four steel pipes at the bottom of the plastic pallet, which is a cross-shaped vertical structure.

The load-bearing capacity of plastic pallets is divided into static load, dynamic load, and shelf load. Therefore, attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of plastic pallets with built-in steel pipes. Generally speaking, the load-bearing range of shelf load is between 0.5T and 1.5 T.

When plastic pallets are used in high-level warehouse racks, attention should be paid to preventing high-altitude falls. In the use of plastic pallets in drive through racks, the bottom of the pallet should be guaranteed to be in a safe position on the racks.

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