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» What kind of forklift truck is suitable for crossbeam rack

Now the shelf is more and more widely used in all walks of life, and the cross-beam shelf is the first choice of many users, because it is flexible, versatile and more convenient for users to store goods. The cross-beam shelf often stores some goods that can not be moved manually. What kind of forklift is suitable for the cross-beam shelf?
Beam shelves generally store pallet goods, that is to say, the goods are placed on a pallet, and these goods are very heavy, it is difficult to carry them into the shelf space by manual work. Then, at this time, auxiliary tools are needed. Forklift truck is the most convenient and economical tool to put pallet goods on and off the shelf, it can be used. Free storage or removal of goods from any location, manual can not do things, forklift can be completed for you, it only requires one person to operate, and the operation is simple. Forklift trucks are also used in different types of shelves. The height of the shelf determines the height of the forklift truck. The highest lift of the forklift truck is better than the height of the shelf.
Only when the shelves are matched with efficient forklift trucks can greater benefits be achieved. What type of forklift should be selected for the cross-beam shelves? For the cross-beam rack with narrow passage, it can be matched with three-way stacking forklift truck, which requires the least passage and has higher lifting height. If it’s the kind of shelf designed to be double-row side by side, then you can use scissors forklift truck. If it’s a shuttle-type beam frame, you can use shuttle trucks or ordinary forklifts to access goods. If it is gravitational, then it can be drum track or general forklift.
In addition, there are many new forklift trucks,such as forklift with Balanced Weight, forklift with Double Extension Position, etc. There are many kinds of crossbeam shelves and forklift trucks. User’s operation mode, warehouse specifications, shelf layout and cargo attributes also have an impact on the selection of forklift trucks. It is wise to choose the type of forklift truck according to their own actual situation. When the cross-beam rack is installed, the appropriate forklift can be selected according to the height of the rack, the size of the passage and the weight of the goods. Only when the forklift is selected properly, the advantages of the rack can be maximized and the economic benefits can be improved.