• 09252020
  • What factors determine the shelf capacity


    Recently, customers often come to our aceally racking factory to ask for some information about pallet rack storage shelves. When customers ask us, they often have some questions. It’s common that many customers don’t know what kind of storage shelf they want. They don’t plan the specifications, structure, load-bearing and other data of the shelf, so what’s the way to plan the shelf in advance
    Now there are too many types of storage shelves in the market, and some customers who purchase shelves may not know a lot about the shelves. In this case, it is difficult for customers to choose the shelf products suitable for their own warehouses. The advantage of consulting shelf manufacturers is that they can help you design shelves. According to some data provided by customers, shelf manufacturers can determine which shelf is more suitable for customers. The selection of shelf type is the first step to make a shelf. You can design the size of the shelf after you know which kind of shelf you want.
    The shelf needs to be designed according to the environment in the warehouse and the normal working mode. Even for the same shelf, its load-bearing capacity can be different. The main factor determining the load-bearing capacity of the shelf is the weight of the shelf. The advantage of designing the shelf according to the goods is to ensure that the final designed shelf can be perfectly used in the warehouse, but this does not mean that the load-bearing of the shelf can be designed casually, generally speaking, a shelf will have a load-bearing capacity range.
    Customized shelf is the mainstream mode of production shelf in the market, and few enterprises will produce the shelf first. Customization can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also reduce a lot of cost loss in terms of shelf manufacturers, which shows that customized storage shelves will gradually become a trend.


    Post time: 09-25-2020