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» What are the factors that affect the price of wire mesh storage cage

In the current storage market, more and more goods are stored in different ways, especially for small and zero items,wire mesh storage cage plays a great role. However, many customers will say, why do the same storage cage have different prices? What determines its price? Next, we will answer the question why there are many different prices for wire mesh storage cage.
1. Proportion of renewable resources in manufacturing raw materials: when manufacturing storage cages, the proportion of renewable resources in raw materials will also affect its price. If a large proportion of recycled raw materials is used, the cost will be lower, and the price of storage cage will also be reduced.
2.Material: different materials are used for processing, such as metal turnover, storage cage, butterfly cage, etc. because the materials used for manufacturing are different, the price must be different. This is also a factor that affects the price of storage cage.
3.Structure of the storage cage: the structure of the storage cage is also an important factor affecting the price. Some of the storage cages are relatively complex in structure, requiring more processes and high cost during processing, so the price of the made storage cage will be higher.
4.The weight of the storage cage itself: the factors that affect the price of the storage cage also include its weight. When the quantity of raw materials is large, it will certainly be heavier, and the price will rise.
After reading this article, if you don’t understand the price of storage cage, you are welcome to consult us, and we will contact you in the shortest time.