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» What are the characteristics and advantages of heavy storage shelves

With the development of economy, manufacturing industry is still a very important economic model in our economic development. In the manufacturing enterprise (workshop), it is the main place of storage shelves. In the warehouses of these companies, if the shelves are used to store the goods, the goods may be classified and left the warehouse. Heavy goods shelf is one of the most commonly used shelves in workshop warehouse, because it has large storage capacity and high space utilization rate, it is loved by many companies in many industries.
In essence, the heavy shelves used in the warehouse workshop are also divided into several different categories and grades. The emphasis is on beam shelf, narrow lane shelf, double depth shelf and heavy shelf. Let’s take a look at the differences and advantages of these heavy shelves.
Beam type pallet racking system are ordinary heavy-duty shelves, which is what we usually call pallet point shelf. Usually in the workshop warehouse, the floor on the shelf is usually 4 to 5 floors, usually the height of the company’s warehouse can meet the installation needs. Compared with the heavy-duty shelves purchased by small and medium-sized manufacturers, this kind of ordinary shelves usually can not bear more than 1000 kg of bearing capacity.
Narrow aisle shelves is a subdivision of heavy shelf, which extends from beam shelf and keeps the basic characteristics of shelf. In order to reflect the characteristics of high storage and transportation density and high fraud rate, narrow lane frame has its own characteristics. The lane between the rack row and row is very narrow, so it is necessary to use three-way rotary forklift to pick up the goods. In large and medium-sized enterprises, it is usually carried out in the workshop warehouse where the whole batch of goods are shipped out. Such heavy shelves are often prone to errors.
Double depth pallet racking refers to single depth shelf, which is equivalent to more than twice of single depth storage in terms of its storage capacity. The basic structure of double depth shelf is the heavy shelf arranged in four rows. Scissor forklift can also take two pallets from one side at the same time, so can stock goods. In the category of heavy shelves, double depth shelves are one of the dense shelves.These heavy shelves are also what we often see in the warehouse.
These types of shelves have their own characteristics and advantages in all aspects. Under each advantage, which conditions are suitable for which type of shelves depends on the actual situation of our warehouse and the specific requirements of goods storage.
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