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» What are the application advantages of the mezzanine floor?

The mezzanine floor is a kind of storage racks that have a wide range of applications in the warehouse racking. The mezzanine floor has a requirement for the height of the warehouse, and the short warehouse is not suitable for mezzanine design.

The mezzanine level is generally 2-3 stories high, and the floor spacing is typically 2.2-2.7meters. Therefore, the mezzanine floor requires that the height of the warehouse must be 4 meters or more. If it is lower than 4 meters, then the warehouse mezzanine system is difficult to apply. The mezzanine construction usually uses a medium duty rack or a heavy duty rack as a base. The column of the mezzanine floor supports the upper steel platform. The floor-plank are made of special floor-plank for mezzanine with high load-bearing capacity and are equipped with ladder way, lifts, and baluster.In order to facilitate the pickup, there will be a conveyor line between the first floor and the second floor, and also between the second floor and the third floor, so that is no need to climb up and down manually on the third floor and the second floor of the storage mezzanine floor. Of course, you can also choose the lifting platform or Freight elevators.

During the simple mezzanine design, the bottom layer may be a heavy duty rack, and then the second and third floors are heavy or medium duty rack combining the actual situation. However, it cannot be designed that the bottom layer is a medium duty rack, and heavy duty rack on the second floor and the third floor. This is based on the principle of putting heavy cargo on the bottom of the shelf to avoid top-heavy situations.In summary, the mezzanine floor plan is particularly suitable for warehouses in automobile parts, electronic devices, automotive 4S shop light industry and other industries. The Aceally Group specializes in providing industrial storage racks, automated warehouse systems, and other warehouse racking systems. Aceally is a company which earlier focused on the development and application of logistics and warehousing technology. It operates with integrity and is committed to using European and American advanced logistics concepts to solve customer goods handling and sorting, turnaround and other efficiency issues.