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  • Tips on safe use of storage shelf racks to avoid accidents


    All users must understand the safety knowledge of storage shelf racks and know how to use storage racks safely in daily use in order to avoid safety problems on warehouse racks. Many employees of enterprises do not pay attention to details when using storage shelf racks, resulting in storage rack problems and huge losses to enterprises. Here are some tips on the safe use of storage shelf racks.

    aceshelving20211018Tips on safe use of storage shelf racks to avoid accidents.

    1. Prevent storage shelf rack overload

    Overload prevention is a very basic problem. The goods stored on any storage shelf rack cannot exceed the load-bearing upper limit of the storage shelf. Being overweight will cause great damage to the shelf storage rack, which is likely to lead to the damage and collapse of the warehouse rack shelf and cause serious losses to the enterprise.

    2. Prevent the storage shelf rack from being too high

    The manufacturer will design storage shelf racks with appropriate height according to the warehouse site of the enterprise. Once the height of the storage shelf racks are too high, there will be shaking and instability when storing goods.

    3. Prevent forklift collision

    When operating forklifts and other equipment, be careful not to hit the storage shelf, because the forklift equipment is very heavy, and once it hits the storage shelf rack, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the shelf rack. If there is a collision, it must be checked in time to see if there is a problem.

    4. Regular maintenance

    Damaged and problematic beams and columns should be replaced in time. Although a series of treatments will be carried out during storage shelf rack production, rust and oxidation after long-term use can not be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange personnel to check every period of use. If rusty or damaged parts are found, they should be replaced in time.

    Enterprise employees operate in strict accordance with the storage shelf rack use specifications, which can not only prolong the service life of the storage shelf rack but also be more convenient in management. The use of the storage shelf needs the care of every user.

    Post time: 10-18-2021