• 08062019
  • The Role of Wire Container Storage Cage in Manufacturing Enterprises


    The role of foldable wire container cage in manufacturing enterprises: It has a solid plug mechanism which can ensure the safe closure of the megu cage when the storage is stacked, and also can ensure the smooth switch in different states to store materials. Spot pressure welding ensures the strength and durability of butterfly cage storage and stacking. The anti-skid block not only strengthens the strength of the butterfly cage, but also ensures the safety of the upper beautified cage when stacked. Its reinforcing hinges play a reinforcing and protective role in order to prevent the storage from jumping away. Helical winch makes the cage fold when not in use and reduces the occupied space. The bottom of the cage is reinforced with U-shaped steel to ensure the carrying capacity and firmness of the cage. The special cage foot structure conforms to the principle of mechanics, and is convenient for plane placement and three-dimensional stacking, as well as forklift, tray and trolley handling. As the cost of logistics is gradually valued by enterprises, Aceally steel wire container will also be widely used in more manufacturing enterprises.


    Post time: 08-06-2019