• 09062021
  • The function of carton flow rack system in warehouse


    The carton flow rack is also called first in first out picking rack. Carton flow rack system is composed of fluency bar, roller, column, beam, pull rod, slide, roller and some protective facilities. It uses the self weight of goods to realize first in first out. Because of this special function, it solves the problem of goods storage in many rack warehouses. So, what is the role of carton flow rack system in the warehouse.

    For places where a large number of goods need to be picked, such as logistics center, distribution center, assembly workshop and e-commerce warehouse, the problem of goods storage and picking can be solved by using carton flow rack pick systems. In such places, the goods are generally stored for a short time, and the import and export volume is large. The operation can be completed only through continuous picking. With carton flow racks, there is no need to worry about the slow efficiency of goods picking.

    The carton flow rack pick systems are suitable for the storage and picking of small and light goods. It can be combined with electronic label and bar code system to realize the easy management of goods. It is an efficient, rapid and accurate storage system. Roller type aluminum alloy or sheet metal flow force strips are set between the front and rear beams of each layer of the storage rack, which are placed at a certain slope (about 3 °). The goods are usually packaged in paper or placed in plastic turnover boxes, and their self weight is used to realize the flow of goods and first in first out.

    Post time: 09-06-2021